The Truth of Motherhood

     Here you will find the down and dirty truth of motherhood as I have come to experience and love it. It has become therapeutic to air out my dirty mama laundry in the form of short essay.  Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is messy, sometimes it is crazy, but I can say that it is always, always a true lesson in life that I am happy to have under my belt.  Please enjoy...maybe you can even relate. 


Freedom to Live
      "This year on the 4th, while enjoying the firework show, the food and the company, I think I will take a moment to really reflect, recognize and show gratitude for all the peace I have come to enjoy and expect as a part of my life and the life of my family.  Because that is really what the 4th of July is about."

Preserving the Past
  "Is it unreasonable to want to remember all these cherished moments?  How can I let them go?  People - often strangers - always tell me to enjoy my kids while they are little, because before I know it, they will have children of their own.  I try desperately to do so, yet each day slips by taking new discoveries as well as everyday moments that are anything but mundane with it.  And despite my best efforts, I cannot down.."

What I thought...But now I know
" I thought that I wanted to work outside of the home.  I thought that I could easily balance the challenge of successfully running a household as well as a career.  I thought that having summers off along with weekends and all the holidays because I was a teacher was going to be ideal. I thought this would be the perfect “out” so that I would not be overwhelmed by motherhood. I thought wrong."

A Part of the Miracle
"Even now as I try to explain how it feels to be a part of the miracle, I find myself coming up short, blabbing on about emotions and memories I can feel, but cannot express.   I struggle to understand and comprehend the full magnitude of the memory myself, let alone convey what it means to me.  How can I really put into words an event that leaves me speechless and in awe?"

The Self-Image Dilemma
"I used to wonder why the “Mommy look” stereotype even existed. If they - SAHM-  would just take the fifteen minutes to put themselves together, we - women- could break this stereotype I always naively thought to myself."

My Job
      "I invite you to discover with me as I embark on this new, exciting adventure where I hope to learn how to survive this demanding, exhausting, yet beautiful journey we call motherhood."

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