Going out and about

          Before children, you don't really have the capacity to appreciate your ability to move freely.  You take for granted how swiftly you can
run a few errands, browse the clearance rack at a favorite store or even use the public restroom at the resturant.  And you need to wait in line at the post office? It is taking 15 minutes?  No problem. It is not until you have children hanging from your arms or legs or both - on the verge of crying - that you remember and then begin to appreciate that time in your life when mobility was a simple task.
You didn't even have to think twice about it...now you have to think three times.  Do I really need that specific ingredient for dinner?  Can I wing it and avoid the extra trip with the kids to the grocery store?  Potato salad doesn't have to have mayo, right?  Right?  Because after kids there is absolutely no such thing as a quick stop.  Not unless 15 minutes in the store is considered a quick stop.  And a baby-sitter?  Oh, what a precious commodity that cannot be wasted on what used to be a swift task.  No, baby-sitters must be reserved for the few and far between exciting events like going to the doctor or the dentist.  Yes, I love to waste a baby-sitter for those necessary, though dull excursions.  Browsing the clearance racks is now a leisurely activity of the past...unless... the appointment miraculously goes fast...maybe the traffic will be good...I might get a chance to stop if I go right now!  Get out! Hurry!

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  1. Love the quote! So true when you are a young Mom! You are a really good writer! I had no idea. I have really been enjoying your blogs! KarlaG


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