Love Birds {With a Pocket}

    I have an obsession with birds...I love them.  So I find it even more awesome that they are a popular trend right now.  When I spotted some cute birdies over at mollychicken I knew I had to make some for myself ... to give away for Valentines that is.

This project was inspired by:

Want to make something for the boys? Check out the Love {BUGS}.  They are just as cute, but are better suited for the boys!

What is so fun about these birds is that you just change out the colors 
and you can make them for any occasion.  

Love Birds {Tutorial} from

I loved the idea of a little pocket!  It is just too cute, and is such a fun surprise when you realize it is there.
I really think the DETAILS create the gift, so between the sparkly ribbon head feathers, the darling front pocket and the little heart stitched on the rear, this little bird gift is going to make my nieces smile for Valentine's Day.

  I am a visual person, so I usually just look at a picture and then make it myself.  Here is my version.

{Just click on the image above and then right-click to print out the pattern} 
or just wing it and draw your own.


NO. 1) CUT out all of your pieces.  I used flannel for the body and pocket and then felt for the nose, wings,  and feet.  Embroidery floss was used for the eyes.

BODY: Cut out three from three coordinating flannel patterns.  One is for the front, one for the back and the third is just folded in half and used for the front pocket.

WING: Cut two, one for each side.

NOSE: Cut one.

FEET: Cut two.  

HEART:  Cut two.  One for the front of the heart, and one for the back.  * I used a slightly bigger sparkly heart (table scatter from the $ Tree) and layered the hearts on the pocket.  You could do that or add another colored felt heart for a similar look.

NO. 2) Pin your front side which includes your pocket and your nose.  Sew the pocket to the front piece        and the nose down.  I then also added eyes.  I just used embroidery floss tying knots as I sewed to               make the eyes.  (Sorry, I don't know any cross-stitch terms or methods)

NO. 3) Pin the ribbon, wings and feet to the backside.  Make sure that they each lay against the back piece otherwise they will not flip out right when you sew the front and back together. Also, I sewed the three ribbons together before I pinned and sewed them to the backside.  

NO. 4.) After sewing the front and back pieces together - making sure that the feet, wings and ribbon are all tucked in nicely, I pulled it through (my gap was at the wing), added batting and then hand-stitched it.  I then sewed on my pocket hearts.   I didn't do this early because I wanted to make sure that my hearts were exactly centered and the best way to ensure this was to hand-stitch it at the end.

NO. 5) The final touch was to give the wings some dimension.  So instead of just leaving the felt wings with a straight cut, I gathered the edge which gave them a cute puckered look and actually made them fold in a little.  They certainly looked finished after that.

Happy  Gifting!
- Sabrina


  1. These are cute them...thank you for sharing your creations. HPS again Michelle

  2. These are so sweet, i think I am in love, lol

    1. Is it weird if I give one to myself for Valentines?! J/K...thank you.

  3. These look so cute and fun!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. It was really fun to put them together, though I will miss them as they are going to my nieces =)


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