{Faux Pottery} Harvest Jars

This project was inspired by The Creativity Exchange

This Faux Pottery Painting Technique is really amazing!  It can transform a regular glass jar into a little piece of shabby art. Anticipating and waiting for the jar to dry is definitely the hardest part!

  • Jars - I got mine from the Dollar Tree
  • Latex Paint - Sherwin William Wool Skein (Home Depot matched the color using a knock-off brand)
  • Lightweight Spackling 
  • Acrylic Paint - your choice of color
  • Foam Brushes, paper towels, container to mix
  • Sandpaper 
  • Krylon Matte Finish - protective finish

1.) Mix your choice of latex paint with lightweight spackling until it is the consistency of pancake batter.  This is about 1/2 paint to 1/2 spackling.  For a thicker spread, just add more spackling.  I used Sherwin Williams paint in Wool Skein as recommended by The Creativity Exchange because I wanted a cream color to show through my top color when I sanded.

2.) I covered the entire outside of the jar with the mixture and then let it dry for a few hours.

3.) To give the color some depth, I thinned acrylic paint with water to different thicknesses and then took turns layering the different thicknesses on. 

 4.) As I was painting, I also used a paper towel to blot and wipe off the paint until I had the desired look.  As I wiped with the towel, some of the latex paint and spackling mixture came off...I like this aged look and even rubbed it off in areas that I wanted the glass to shine through.  The thinner the mixture, the easier it comes off.  Be careful not to do it too thin otherwise it will all rub off.  If you find that too much is coming off, just start again by adding another thicker layer of the latex spackling mixture, letting it dry and then painting again.

Because I used a thicker mixture, the cream colored jar is my favorite.  
I really like the thick, chunky texture.

5.) After the paint dried, I hand sanded it to let the cream mixture come through.  This added to the aged look.

6.) After it was all finished, I sprayed it with Krylon Matte Finish - 1311 to give it a protective finish.  

And that is that! 

Happy Gifting!
- Sabrina


  1. LOVE this! I always love a good PB knock off :) Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two!! xoxo

  2. I have just discovered your site and it looks like a lot of fun...thanx for the comment.


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