The Major Effect of Watching Kid Movies

Tina Neidlein wrote this hilarious book entitled It’s a Mom Thing.  Not only is it hilarious as it highlights the universal truths of being a mother, but
each page contains only about a sentence or two...which is perfect because it seems like that is all I can get in before I am needed by one of my little people.   

While I love The Lorax movie with its quirky storyline and meaningful life lesson, the catchy tunes really get to me.  I mean they sink into my brain where they linger long after the credits roll and regardless of my attempts to turn them off, they are somehow set on continuous play as they repeat and repeat and repeat in my head.  I struggle to fall asleep as my mind - regardless of what I want! - has this ridiculous need to finish all the verses to completion.  I hum the tunes in the shower, in the car, at the store...I can’t stop.  As foolish as this sounds, I am telling the truth.
 I only wish I was exaggerating because the worst part is that after just one, tiny little exposure to the film, I am left with a weeks worth of struggling as I desperately try to recover from the songs ingrained in my head.  As I think about it however, there is actually one consolation to dealing with this issue.  To see a grown man breakout in parts of the song while he is shaving or getting dressed and obviously singing for his own amusement is really quite a sight.  It somehow makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only victim in the house.  So as long as he does not think I am as ridiculous as I feel succumbing to the humorous lyrics, I guess I can handle the show.  Because guess what movie my little boy wants to watch right now?  You named it, The Lorax.  Alright, little orange fluff ball...bring it on.


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  2. This really makes me smile! First,
    I love how your "little people" need you. And second,

    it is so nice to know you are not the only one who has succumbed to the charm, or should I say the spellbinding MOJO of the music! It has happened to a good many people.


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