Mama Laundry: Thankful

     Everyone is thankful for happy babies, but I especially love happy babies that have
just left the world of slumber.  Their sleepy eyes just shine as their smile relays the message that they are beyond excited to see you.  Whether it be in the morning light or right after a nap, I love the excitement that illuminates from them as they reach up to hold you.  You would think that it had been such a long, long time that had separated you from them because their gentile embrace just holds you so tight - it is almost as if this reunion has been long anticipated, a dear
friend that you now get to embrace.  There is genuine peace as you can clearly see in their little expressions that they sincerely missed you during their sleep and that they now feel complete because they have been reunited with you.

     And what about babies in the bath?  They spend all day wrapped up in cute onesies, layered with pants and a shirt and maybe a jacket all bundled under a blankie as they nap the day away.  And depending on the season, even their little toes are tucked away from sight.   But when the bath water starts to pour and the gloves come off - along with all the layers!- all that is left is a little bundle of joy in their perfect state.  Every roll, every inch exposed for a mother's simple amusement while she bathes her kids reminded that they really are so delicate, soft and tiny.  The bath seems to be one of the most carefree places, at least at my house, as my little ones kick, splash and wiggle freely.  Their true reflections have been concealed all day but for a small moment, they become unrestrained and are set free.  And as much as I love the giggles and the bubbles, I realize that there is something even more wonderful than one beautiful babe in the tub.  Why two, of course!  The joy of utter happiness more than duplicates as laughter is shared resonating and echoing off the tile walls.  Bath time in all its innocence is truly an event for which I am grateful.

     And yes, even those mortifying, unavoidable situations - that usually involve a messy diaper! - I am grateful for.  You know the ones.  When the diaper does not even come close to upholding its supposed capacity, and the package of wipes is conveniently only housing three when that will obviously not even begin to clean the tip of this disaster and off course the delightful mass has oozed to both hemispheres of the child with little hope of saving the clothing from a stained reminder of the event and did I mention this is all taking place in a public restroom?  Of course it is...yes, even these situations do have a place on my list of thankfulness.  While the gratitude a parent might feel for these experiences seems beyond reasonable while you are in the moment, I assure you, it can exist.  First of all, you get the benefit of experience.  You realize that you must learn to anticipate the worst of public outing diaper changes and make the conscience effort to mentally double check that the wipes are full therefore avoiding any future diaper disasters.  You also get the hilarious privilege of now incorporating a really great story into your repertoire as you die laughing on the phone with your sister, your mom, your friend.  As you look back at the disaster, you even get to proudly say, "I survived...I truly am a parent!"

     I really could go on and on but duty calls...another mouth to wipe, bum to change, baby to feed...all of which I am continually and always grateful for.

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