FREEBIE: Family Home Evening Board

FREEBIE: For those of you who want one of the fastest Family Home Evening Boards, here you go.  You simply print, insert into a 8 1/2 x 11 document frame (check the Dollar Tree!) and then using a dry erase marker, write in the names.  My kiddos are little and so we often write more than one name in each section, but because this format is so flexible, you can do whatever works for you!  Now you can either use a picture holder to display it, or add magnets and put it on the fridge.  Hope you enjoy!

Happy Crafting!
Thanks for stopping by!  With the opening of my ETSY shop The Shabby Lane, blogging has taken a back seat.  Feel free to look around here or come and visit me on ETSY for a variety of cards and creative gifts.  See you there!

TIP Tuesday {Organization}: Gift Wrapping Station Inspiration

     I can just imagine what it would be like to walk into my spare bedroom, open the walk-in closet where all my gift wrapping supplies are beautifully housed in clear jars of ribbon, shelves of gift boxes, and wrapping paper neatly attached to the wall on rods to they easily can be rolled out to just the right length.  While I am daydreaming, I might as well add a crisp table where my scissor variety as well as my colors of the rainbow pen collection are all conveniently at reach housed in vintage wire baskets all accessible from my cream cushioned chair.    And did I mention extra space to conveniently conceal all the gifts I have already purchased?  While this luxury definitely makes my dream list, the truth is that space-saving gift wrapping stations are much more my least at the moment.

TIP Tuesday {Gifting}: Emergency Gifting Kit for Traveling or even the Office

      My travels usually include extended family, and with lots of family around there is bound to be a celebration happening.  Whether it be a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, etc. a card or gift to commemorate the occasion is necessary.  I have discovered that if I bring a couple of gifting supplies, I save myself at least one hectic moment while traveling.  And even though I could just go to the store and buy all the supplies needed to give a gift or card, if I bring this little Emergency Gifting Kit, I save myself some money as well as time.  Plus it is not always possible to make that extra trip to the store.

Hiccups in My Hair {LUCKY}: The reason why I am Lucky to have baby food on my shoulder


     Sometimes it is hard to find the positive attributes of what seems like overwhelming chores of motherhood.  But as I look deeper and with a more appreciative attitude, I can start to unveil the countless ways I am LUCKY - buried beneath the laundry, dishes and diapers.

TIP Tuesday {PACKAGING}: Packaging and Gift Tags with BIRDS!

        Birds have such a whimsical look to them.  They are playful, majestic, mysterious, colorful and enchanting.  Using them as focal points for gifting is a great way to incorporate their whimsical character into the gift you are giving.  

TIP Tuesday {Packaging}: Recycled Shirts into 5 Packaging Accessories!

       There is just something about using fabric when gifting.  It seems to give it a more sophisticated touch of texture and style.  But instead of always purchasing this fabric,  consider salvaging pieces from your closet that were destined for the thrift store.  Blouses, sweaters, t-shirts, any type of cloth can be up-cycled into some great packaging accessories such as homemade ribbon, garland, a fabric pom, a fabric flower, or even a little cloth gift bag.

Patchwork {FRAMED} Button Flower

      Artwork can come in all forms as we know.  Cutting scraps of material into petals is a great way not only to use up those beautiful little pieces, but create a fun {one of a kind} gift.  This framed little patchwork flower is fast and easy.  

TIP Tuesday {Packaging}: Brown Paper Inspiration

Brown Packaging Paper can become an essential part of your gift giving supplies when you realize the value of its versatility, durability and simple beauty.  Here are 8 reasons why Brown Packaging Paper is so great!

Tea Time: DIY Teabags, Vanilla Bean Infused Sugar and Personalized Spoon

     Hand-made Teabags, Vanilla Bean Infused Sugar and a Personalized Spoon is great for gifting to a variety of people.  Grandmas, moms, sisters, teachers, anyone who likes tea, or sugar, or hand-made gifts, or cute things would probably enjoy this.   You could even design it in a more masculine way and then the gifting becomes even more versatile.