{Matchbox} ADVENT

      Between the Dollar Tree and my own scraps, this 12 Day Advent Calendar was about $5
to make...quite a bargain.  And I found that with all the cutting, taping and gluing,  it was just as easy to make four of them at a time as it was to make one.

  • 1 Rectangle Metal Tray - Dollar Tree 
  • 12 Mini Matchboxes - Dollar Tree (They come in a pack of 10)
  • Magnets - 12 (one for each box) 16 (if you want to hang it on the fridge) - I got mine in a 52 pack from Walmart
  • 12 pieces of candy - Make sure they fit!
  • Numbers 1-12
  • Christmas Embellishments - Scrap Fabric, paper, stickers, ribbon, etc.
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Glue Gun

I wanted it to hang on the fridge.


1.) Measure and cut your paper into strips.  I just taped them to the matchbox using double-sided tape.
2.) Add cutitude to the boxes...stickers, embellishments,etc.  I found some number stickers so I copied them on my printer so I would have four sets: 1-12.
3.) Add a magnet to each box.
4.) Add your candy...it's not a bad idea to take a matchbox with you to the store to make sure the candy fits.
5.) Embellish the top of the board.

I wanted them to be able to hang on the fridge and four magnets on the back did just the trick.

You could also choose to put 12 tickets with family activities on them in the boxes instead of candy...just an idea.

So, what do you do with all the leftover scraps of paper strips and holiday stickers?  
Make TAGS of course!

Happy Gifting!

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