Tip TUESDAY {PACKAGING} 5 Ways to Gift Cookies . . . NO PLATE!

   Cookies are a pretty simple - though delicious! - treat to gift, but when you package the cookies in a creative way, you make them feel much more sophisticated.  Using recycled containers from the pantry, here are 5 FREE methods you can use to gift your delicious morsels.

How much fun would it be to get cookies in one of these containers?  Because they are all sturdy, you don't have to worry about the cookies crumbling.

Recognize these pantry goods?  Instead of throwing them in the garbage, 
thoroughly clean and recycle them into gift boxes

Scrapbook paper is easily measured and then taped around the cocoa tin.  
Just add a ribbon and then an embellishment...too easy.  
Because this one has a lid, it makes for really secure packaging.

Recycled tin cans make a nice catch for a sleeve of cookies...just make sure you bake smaller ones so they fit in the sturdy container!  These cookies were about 3 inches wide so they would fit.  Also, the larger sized cans work best.

Who would have thought that just cutting a plastic container to the right height would create a clear, little package? Just embellish it with scrapbook paper, embellishments, and a tag.  
Then add your treat bag of cookies.

These little yogurt containers have endless possibilities.  They have angled sides, so scrapbook paper doesn't easily fit around without a gap.  But the bright white color plays well with a variety of tags.   Just remove the wrapping and fill, wrap with  a gift bag and a tag and there you have it. 

By just cutting and taping (with packing tape) to secure the tops and bottoms of a cracker box, you can create a great little gift box.  This cracker box is the right width to hold a sleeve of cookies.

These 5 ways to package cookies are basically free when you recycle containers from your pantry.  Just look around your kitchen, there are so many other possibilities. 

Looking for other ways to make your packaging rock?  
Check out the Top 10 TOOLS that can help you.

Happy Gifting! and Happy Tuesday!
- Sabrina


  1. I love your blog Sabrina! I love your mommy posts. I know where I am coming when I need ideas for gift wrapping. I'll have to remember to get on here more often.


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