Airing the Dirty Laundry: The One & Only


      At first glance, you might think you were witnessing an epic love story.  One half has to go on an grand adventure in an attempt to reunite with their one and only second half.  There are obstacles of immense proportion as the first makes considerable sacrifices in order to reunite

 There is overwhelming emotion as the first pours out their heart and soul in the form of tears at the separation of the two as well as the reunion.  And above all, you witness an everlasting love that no amount of time or space could dissolve.  

Yet, when you take a second look, you realize that this love story is not of the traditional kind. These two are not lovers.  They are not soul mates.  No.  Though the love they share is indeed grand, it is simply between a little person and their  mama and what you are witnessing is the separation of the two.

When a stranger holds them, the pretend smile they attempt - probably a last effort to try and convince them self that everything is okay - quickly turns into a frown of worry - tears included.  Their face tells a story of fear and complete loss as if they would never see their mother again.  Their tears scream pain at the separation.  And their arms reaching out in an attempt to grab a hold of any last remnant of their mother seems to be an attempt at grabbing relief, comfort and ultimately their mother.

While this display of devotion at first is indeed flattering, there comes a point when it is not...convenient.  Though you know the love your little one has for you is so precious and pure and innocent, it is also - during these episodes - inopportune, uncomfortable and LOUD.  Like when you need to leave them for a short while and contrary to their belief displayed by their extreme emotion, you will return!  Or when it would be so much easier to use both arms to eat your meal while someone else attempts to hold the crying, squirming child.  Or even when your little one absolutely insists on physical contact, cheek to cheek, while you push the shopping cart with one hand at the grocery store because sitting in the cart right next to you - even holding holding their hand- is not enough for them.

This epic love story turned crying tantrum episode can be embarrassing and sometimes even disheartening.  But the truth is that you really are their one and only.  After all, you have nursed and feed them.  Wiped their tears with a gentle touch.  Rocked them in sweet melody.  And have embraced and soothed their little bodies.  They love you.  They need you.  And they are not afraid to show it.

This is truly a reflection of a beautiful love story between a mother and child when you think about it.  And though their piercing cries seem to express a different tone, you really are their one and only mother. 

 It is a precious and tender realization that exists in the world of matrons.  And though the echoing of cries rings long after we have left our little ones in good hands, we can be thankful that we can be their one and only mother.  


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