TIP Tuesday {Cards}: Quick & Easy Card...5 Steps...5 Minutes

      Have you ever needed a quick, last minute card for a special occasion?  I think we all have been in that situation.  Sometimes you just want an easy homemade card and with these Quick 5 Steps in about 5 Minutes, you can make one with limited supplies.

STEP No. 1)  Scrap Cardstock:
Any color, any size, just fold it in half to create a card.  You can square it or keep it a rectangle.  It doesn't even have to be cardstock.  You could also use scrapbook paper, though it will be less sturdy.  You can match it to an envelope size you already have or hole-punch it and tie it to your gift.

{Think about just rounding one corner to give the angles some variety 
OR adding some punched/cut shapes to the ribbon before tying them.}

STEP No. 2) Focus Embellishment:
If you have any embellishments already made up or that you have bought, this is a great time to use them.  However, don’t worry if you come up short.  You DO have something to work with, you just have to find it! Because only the front will show, there are several possibilities.  Here is where to look:
  • Reuse part of the front of a Birthday, Thank you or  Holiday Card
  • Left over Valentines
  • Cute wrapping paper
  • Cut up a gift bag or gift box
  • Sticker
  • Calendar Picture
  • A Picture/Doodle you draw or print off
  • Cereal Box -ANY leftover cute scrap of paper from ANYWHERE
  • And of course scrapbook paper
Now you can either cut out a shape, cut the printed words or picture out, use a shape punch, cut some strips, use a tag punch, layer several of them, and the list goes on and on.  It's all about choosing the focus for the card.

{If your scrapbook paper has a lot of detail to it, think about cutting out the picture 
and using it by its self.  This card does not even need an Under Layered Paper.}

STEP No. 3) Under Layered Paper:
Whether you are using a solid color or a pattern, you will quickly add some dimension to your card by adding an under layer.  Depending on the size of your focus embellishment, you can either create a thin or thick boarder with this paper.  This can also come from anywhere (see the list above).

{You could even choose to take the scrapbook paper all the way to the edge of the card.  
Notice this Focal Embellishment is simply a square of scrapbook paper attached with brads...yup, that's it.}

STEP No. 4) Staple or Brad
Instead of just taping the Focus Embellishment to the Layered Paper, think about adding some quick dimension to your card by attaching them with a Staple (below) or with some Brads (above).  You could crisscross the staples or use just a single one for each corner.  This adds a bit of pizzazz, secures the parts of the card and is super quick to do. Click!

{Think about layering several punches/cutouts to give the card a sophisticated layered look. 
Using a stapler to add ribbon to them is not only fast, but is also really secure}

STEP No. 5) Ribbon/String/Fabric Strip/Yarn
While one color tied up around the card will certainly give the card some fun visual quality, adding two colors with different texture or size will add even more.  You can vary the look by either tying a knot or a bow.  Also think about varying the length of the strands.  This step finishes the look  and helps your quick 5 Minute Card feel complete.

{The yarn and string tied on this card is fun even on the inside as it gives a pop of color and is super quick to do.  The ribbon can be tied at the top fold or on side fold which makes it versatile and of course fits ANY size of card.}

Now that your card is ready to go, make the inside just as great 
by enhancing your written message

As you can see, this Quick Card Method can be adjusted to accommodate any occasion, theme, or style.  It is super fast and depending on the supplies you use, can make the card look a variety of ways.  I find myself using it again and again.

Happy Tuesday & Happy Gifting!
- Sabrina

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