{Harvest} Frame Wreath

In wanting to create a harvest wreath, I decided to try something different and use an old wood frame to act as a wreath. It worked well because
it was sturdy and easily held not only the flowers but the pumpkin figurine as well.  To add some depth to it, I added chicken wire to the back as well as some fabric.

      Flowers for decor can get really expensive, but when you buy them on clearance or from the Dollar Tree, you will save a bundle.  These pumpkin figurines are also from the Dollar Tree, and while they are heavy, the wood frame easily held them. 

          The colors of the Dollar Tree flowers are usually appealing, but what has made me skeptical in the past has been their flimsiness. The orange one in the pic above was especially floppy, however the color was right on.  The easy solution to this is to layer and hot glue different flowers together as if they were one flower using the flimsier one on the bottom.  Not only do you get a sturdier flower, but you also create overlapping colors which gives it a lot more color depth.   It is also a lot easier to glue them on when they are pre-made.

    TIP:  When you are done arranging the flowers, take a quick picture so you have a reference in case you need to pick-up and complete the project later, have unexpected little fingers that decide they want to help, or you want to try out different layouts.

      By simply tying Jute cord to the chicken wire in the back on both sides, I could easily hang it.  I thought the Jute cord looked a little sparse, so I just tied a woven piece of fabric at the top.  And there you have it.  I am excited to try more "wreaths" using picture frames for different holidays.  The possibilities are pretty much endless.    

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