TIP Tuesday {Packaging}: Brown Paper Inspiration

Brown Packaging Paper can become an essential part of your gift giving supplies when you realize the value of its versatility, durability and simple beauty.  Here are 8 reasons why Brown Packaging Paper is so great!

1.) The neutral color allows the ribbon, bow or tag to take center stage 
as it blends into the background.  You can use almost any color with this paper and it works.

2.) The paper is easily stamped or drawn on allowing it to become any theme.

3.) Because of its durability, you can easily use it to 
package bread and other beautiful gifts.

4.) The brown hue easily compliments a simple design.  
You can simply add a tag and be done.

5.) The paper works beautifully in a monochromatic setting making it simple to add texture and variety without distracting from the focus.

6.)It also works great with modern pops of color.  Don't be afraid to try brighter colors or patterns.  It works!

7.) It can suit a variety of styles or themes.

Easily Masculine.

Easily Delicate.

Holiday Friendly.

8.) And finally, though it is inexpensive to purchase, it is always Beautiful.

As you can see from these exquisite examples, Brown Packaging Paper has a lot of potential and can serve a variety gifting purposes.  The possibilities are endless and that is why it would be so great for your Gift Giving Toolbox.

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Happy Tuesday and Happy Gifting!
- Sabrina

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