Patchwork {FRAMED} Button Flower

      Artwork can come in all forms as we know.  Cutting scraps of material into petals is a great way not only to use up those beautiful little pieces, but create a fun {one of a kind} gift.  This framed little patchwork flower is fast and easy.  

A petal pattern is not really necessary when you are creating an abstract flower.  
This flower has 3ish sizes to give it some variety and to fill in gaps.

After you pin your pieces down, think about using bright thread to add to the design.  
You can zigzag, do just a center straight stitch, or do several laps on the same petal.

TIP: Think about taking a picture of your design laid out before you start sewing buttons 
so you can easily look back to remember exactly where all the pieces go.  These buttons were definitely not going to stay in place as I took turns sewing them on, thus taking a picture really helped out.

 By removing the glass of the frame, you allow the 3D dimension of the buttons
 to make the piece feel like it really has texture.  The project also works really well
 for the lovely frames that have no glass.  

The potential for a project like this is endless when you consider different colors and the impact it has on the design.  This could have easily been designed in a more masculine way by changing the colors to more earthy tones and the shape to maybe a tree or a group of leaves.  Hmm....I may be adding to my page of 
homemade gifts really soon! 

Happy Gifting!

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