Be.YOU.tiful: A Beautiful Marriage

     As much as we love our kids, and we love our kids, it is important to remember that we were a part of something grand before they came along.  Something that left our stomach in a flutter, our hand intertwined with another and our heart longing for more.  Sometimes we need a reminder to remember and appreciate the beautiful marriage we are a part of.  And sometimes it just takes a matter of simple words arranged in a beautiful idea for us to feel the beauty of that part of our life.

Here are some quotes that made me:

 reminisce and remember what it was like to fall in love with my husband,  

be reminded of how lucky I really am,

that everyday is not just rainbows and cupcakes,

that disagreements do happen,

but that no matter what happens, I will always and forever be his bride.

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And so Be.YOU.tiful mamas, let this linger and tonight maybe, just maybe give your man a little extra squeeze and a subtle twinkling smile meant just for him just so he knows, that you know, that you are both a part of a: 

- Sabrina       



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