Candy Corn Fudge

                                So I came across this amazing CANDY CORN FUDGE recipe from Somethingswanky a few years ago and I have been making it every fall ever since.  I will warn you that it is totally cute and totally addicting.  While the recipe is super simple, I somehow manage to mess it up every year and end up making two batches just so I can get it right! Don't ask me why I can't follow the directions -like 3 cups of white chocolate chips to 1 can of sweetened condensed milk instead of just 2 cups (result = still delicious, but it will not set up), or that you have to stir continuously while the chocolate melts or the bottom will burn (result = still tasty but you get these brown specks that "make it look like old cheese" according to my hubby as he shovels them into his should try it!

6 cups white chocolate chips
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
food coloring


 Head over and get the directions from Somethingswanky, but maybe keep in mind a few things I have learned along the way:

1.) There are only 2 cups of chocolate chips in a bag so if you decide to halve the recipe, you still need to buy 2 bags.
2.) You won't regret making the full batch which calls for 6 cups of white chocolate chips, and when it comes to cutting them, you get these nice, solid pieces that are fun to hold. If you halve it the slices are pretty little.
3.) You can totally use the standard food coloring - gel is optional.
4.) If you don't have wax paper, you can use press 'n seal syran wrap.  The fudge doesn't stick one bit.
5.) To speed up the process you can stick it in the freezer in between adding layers.

Add quick character to a regular paper plate 
by punching two holes and adding a ribbon. 
Too cute.

This is definitely a recipe I plan on using for years to come.  And you never know, maybe next year I will get it right and my family will actually get to eat normal pieces!


  1. I Love it....I'm Going To Try It Tonight...Thank You FOr Sharing!!!

  2. Oh I am so glad. You will have to tell me how it turns out =)


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