TIP Tuesday {Gifting}: Emergency Gifting Kit for Traveling or even the Office

      My travels usually include extended family, and with lots of family around there is bound to be a celebration happening.  Whether it be a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, etc. a card or gift to commemorate the occasion is necessary.  I have discovered that if I bring a couple of gifting supplies, I save myself at least one hectic moment while traveling.  And even though I could just go to the store and buy all the supplies needed to give a gift or card, if I bring this little Emergency Gifting Kit, I save myself some money as well as time.  Plus it is not always possible to make that extra trip to the store.

Now is might be over kill to bring a card for every occasion, however there are a few worth packing.  Thank You Cards are a biggie.  You never know who might save the day, or do a kind service for your family while on vacation.  

Plus, we are always staying with family and I think leaving a Thank You Note on the bed along with a small treat is a great way to show appreciation. (Thanks Mama for the example!  It's been ingrained.)

A couple of gender neutral Birthday Cards are also a great idea.  With a large family, there is always one I might have missed.

I like to use blank cards on the front and inside so they can easily morph into WHATEVER kind of card I need.  Simply add a fun design or message on the front {messaging ideas} or add a mini tag as an embellishment.  You could even make a {5 Step Quick Card}.

These blank cards can also be cut down into a little tag which makes them very versatile for whatever your need is.

These little tools will come in handy more often then you know.  Whether you are taping a mini card to a gift or adding a quick embellishment to a card, the double-sided tape will be a life savor.  Scissors are great of course to cut a card down into a tag, or to cut your ribbon when adding the tag.  And of course a nice pen.  I love to bring a ultra fine-tip black sharpie.

Even if you buy your gift bag, wrapping paper or card, if you have these little tools, you will more easily be able to assemble your gift.  Last time I checked, hotel rooms don't furnish tape and scissors.

Punching a few of these from cardstock will make adding a quick tag to a gift really simple.  You can write on them the To/From or even add them with your double-sided tape to the front of a blank card as an embellishment.

Using your scissors you can quickly add a tag to a gift or use it in making a {5 Step Quick Card}.  You can also use it to wrap up your gift if you bought wrapping paper.

I bring a couple of these so I can easily add a gift.  I like the neutral color of them so they can really go with anything.  You can jazz up the front by re-purposing the front of a card.  Just cut out the front of the card and tape it to the bag.

And all the supplies can go in GALLON ZIP-LOCK.  

These supplies ALWAYS save my bacon when I travel.  Hopefully you can receive the same benefits.  And for some ideas on how to make the message of your card as great as the card itself, check out {5 Ways to Enhance Your Written Message}

Happy Tuesday & Happy Gifting!


  1. Nice tips Sabrina! Thanks for sharing! Do you mind if I share this on my FB fanpage?

  2. I love your gifting ideas! I think leaving a home-made gift card is such a sweet gesture! You can scome stay at our house any day or night you would like!!! :)
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique
    Happy Spring!!

  3. Well, I can thank my Mama for teaching me well. =)


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