TIP Tuesday {PACKAGING}: Packaging and Gift Tags with BIRDS!

        Birds have such a whimsical look to them.  They are playful, majestic, mysterious, colorful and enchanting.  Using them as focal points for gifting is a great way to incorporate their whimsical character into the gift you are giving.  

This wire bird would make a great tag attached to a bag, 
a package or even as an ornament gift itself.

Even a little fabric bird could be added to the top of a package or tied to a bag.  This little guy even has a front pocket for an extra gift. TUTORIAL

Using your imagination, picture what these little tweety silhouettes would look like on a solid-colored wrapped package.  Just free-hand lines and then add the silhouettes cut out of paper.  You could even sew the birds together and create a garland.

Birds are also great features for cards.  This simple bird cut from a book page and then outlined and detailed with a sewing machine - or even more simply with a pen - has a very calm, gender neutral appearance.

This colorful tag has been detailed with a sewing machine, bakers twine and heart feet.  

These whimsical birds have a nostalgic look to them, come adhered to a clothespin for easy attachment and are available on ETSY for those who prefer to leave the bird making to a professional.

If you have little helpers, you could enlist their hands to help create these little birdies - say for a grandparents gift or their friend's birthday.  The tutorial for these birds is easy and fun for all ages.

Going the extra mile, this bird stands by itself using paperclips as feet.  
What a fun insert for a gift basket or tucked away in a gift bag.

And for those of you who would prefer a pattern or two for your little birdy cutouts, here are a couple of links to tutorials generously shared by Boulieblog and Better Homes and Gardens.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Gifting!
- Sabrina

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